I'm an Electronics student in the 5th semester of my 5 year IMTech curriculum at IIIT Bangalore. Apart from hacking electronics, I write code and design user interfaces. I'm building surgical and assistive robots in collaboration with NIMHANS.


Built a 'hyper flexible - hyper redundant - endoscopic surgical snake robot' for minimally invasive cardiac and neuro-surgery. Presented it at the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) Innovation Summit - 2017.

Electronics Student

2015 - Present
IIIT, Bangalore

Built a Visible Light Communication System (LIET) inspired by LiFi and an Asynchronous Protocol Server for the same.

Built a Cellular based Remote Irrigation System (CRIS) and affordable and extensible replacement to commercial solutions for remote irrigation systems. This project was later scaled up to an SMS based home automation solution. The code is open sourced on GitHub.

Open Source

2015 - present
IIIT, Bangalore

Building a Moodle LMS Client with offline capabilities in JavaScript. The project is open sourced at Github.

Built another Moodle LMS Client in Java as a part of course curriculum. This project is complete and is open sourced here.

Built various automation script as a part of dotfiles and cron jobs. You can find more of my works at my GitHub Profile.


Brief list and summary of my projects open sourced on GitHub.

LIET - A Visible Light Communication system.
CRIS - Cellular Remote Irrigation System
LMS Scraper - Moodle LMS Client for my college Learning Management System.
LMS Client - Moodle LMS Client for my college Learning Management System developed in Java with JavaFX.
Pack - A non compressive folder and file archive system written in Python.
FortKnox - A Virtual, Encrypted File System. Helped make the passwords more secure and flexible.

Skills & Proficiency





C, CPP & Java

3D Designing